Deep House 2022 Music 2021


Arranged, edited, performed, mixed and remixed by Ali3oli

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The kings of this style in the popular genre

Deep House 

This style is one of the sub-branches of house music.

In the 80s, after the combination of Chicago house and jazzfunk, it was formed on the basis of soul music.

With a tempo of 115 to 125 bpm

This style of music often has happy themes

Other identifiers of this style include the excessive amount of acoustics and the high volume of percussion elements 

Vocal Deep House

In its original genre, deep house was a little more content with musical elements than singing, i.e. 

with instruments, to the point where it gradually lost its fans. 

This style of music was able to revive itself by returning to songs with singers and vocals

So deep house vocals, which are not officially registered anywhere, are deep house in their current genre

 Vocal Deep House 2022 Music 2021 Ali3oli (ali soli)


The best songs of the genre