Only My Boy

In Room

All Eyze On Me

My Boy Shipil

MJ Yadegary

SH GH Baghalam Kon

MZ Naro

TS Niyagara Falls



No No !

Deep House Vocal 2022

Or Khiyanat

TS Progressive Rap

JB New

TS The Curse

MZ Baede To

TS Crime

50C Go Go

TS Geese

RSH Jazzabi Valla

TS Coordinate

Fl Studio She

TS Dis Side

TS Deep House Vocal 2021


TS Dinosaurs

Fl Studio She 2

Deep House 2023

HB Ghoye Ziba

Ali3oli - Deep House Vocal

Hi guys. The songs are all deep house style in vocal genre with lyrics and rap singers.

I have personally done the selection of the initial song and the singer’s voice and the final arrangement of the recording.

Most of the songs are sung by *Travis Scott. While respecting the artists of the original Sampel.

The last word is.
Everything that was done was a one-man project.
That was provided to the listeners completely free of charge.

Enjoy if you can