Ali3oli : I personally remixed each of the songs in this episode That is, I have applied changes so that it is different from the original version I myself am a listener and a lover of the dear ones whose songs are included in this collection I am ashamed for the lack of names of these artists, since I did not know the names of some songs So I decided to continue without mentioning names Another point is that I tried to use techniques that do not require adding anything from the outside So whatever it is, it will be from the same artists, if it's bad, forgive me, if it's good, there's another version of the same

Deep House Vocal (Ali3oli Remix) ~ 104

Deep House Vocal (Ali3oli Remix) ~ 96

Deep House Vocal (Ali3oli Remix) ~ 87

Deep House Vocal (Ali3oli Remix) ~ 84

Deep House Vocal (Ali3oli Remix) ~ 83

Deep House Vocal (Ali3oli Remix) ~ 82

Deep House Vocal (Ali3oli Remix) ~ 79

Deep House Vocal (Ali3oli Remix) ~ 59


A different presentation from the original version of the song

I personally remixed each of the songs in this episode
That is, I have applied changes so that it is different from the original version
I myself am a listener and a lover of the dear ones whose songs are included in this collection
I am ashamed for the lack of names of these artists, since I did not know the names of some songs
So I decided to continue without mentioning names
Another point is that I tried to use techniques that do not require adding anything from the outside
So whatever it is, it will be from the same artists, if it’s bad, forgive me, if it’s good, there’s another version of the same

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