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In order to stand out, you will need several predetermined strategies
Something like legislation
So I have some mandatory rules
One of them is this
Never publicize a song you are not proud of owning or making

Almost most of the time, DJs are publishers of musicians….they think that this song might be liked by some special people.
…Stob…your friend is not a representative of your intellectual stupidity, and the world is not waiting to hear this part of your stupidity.
Just publicize what you think is best

Vocal Deep House 2021 Music 2022

Arrangement of Deep house style Vocal songs with popular singers.. In my opinion, this is considered alchemy

personal setting (outpatient)


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Deep House Remix

There are a few things to note about remixes
1- I am trying very hard not to do this so as not to upset the artist who owns the work
2- I used techniques not to add anything from outside to the song, so if it was bad, the artist should forgive me, if it was good, it is another type of his work.
3- I love all these authors, otherwise there would be no need to remix the songs of these loved ones


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Edit And Mix – Podcast – Deep House 2021 Music 2022 

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موزیک استثنایی از سلاطین ژانر وکال دیپ هاوس و پروگرسیو از جدیدترین تا سنتی در سبک هاوس

هر قسمت 10 آهنگ و هر آهنگ برآمده از تقریبا 1000    آهنگ

پادکست میکس و تنظیم سبک دیپ هاوس با کلام

 دیپ هاوس لاکچری بیسدار معروف طولانی

دیپ هاوس وکال